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What is MS PowerPoint? Features, Benefits and Uses

Have you had heard about MS PowerPoint but are not know about all about it? Many searchers cannot find the answer they are looking for. To help our users, we have created this article to help you know more about Microsoft PowerPoint. 

This is an in-depth guide on MS PowerPoint. You will find its features, importance, advantages, and uses that will give a complete idea about this presentation software. Let’s start.

What is Microsoft PowerPoint?

MS PowerPoint is presentation software that allows you to develop presentations. Presentations are mainly for public speaking, training, and meetings. 

It offers you different design templates to choose from and helps you develop a professional presentation. You can choose from different templates, fonts, and colors to make your presentation as attractive as possible. 

It helps you rearrange your slides in vertical or horizontal mode and also helps you reduce or expand the space between your slides. Due to its amazing features and easy-to-use interface, it is widely used by people worldwide.

Main Features of Microsoft PowerPoint

Here are some of the main features you will have in Microsoft PowerPoint:

1. Create an Amazing Presentation

3. Slide Design

3. Import Text and Pictures

4. Insert Chart, Table, SmartArt, and Shape

5. Change the Layout of Your Slides

6. Add Audio to Your Slides

7. Add Animation Effects

8. Add Video to Your Slides

9. Edit and Format Text on Your Slides

10. Add Borders, Layers, and Shapes to Your Slides

Why is Microsoft PowerPoint Important?

Microsoft PowerPoint is absolutely important in business, education, and other fields. It not only helps you say what you want but also helps you professionally organize your information. 

Every individual and company use it to create annual reports and presentations while they want to show investors and financial analysts their company’s performance. 

Doctors and medical staff use it to clearly explain complex medical issues to patients, showing how important it is and how we have made the right choice by choosing it.

9 Advantages of Microsoft PowerPoint presentation

Microsoft PowerPoint is undoubtedly an amazing presentation tool that can never be replaced by other presentation software. But what benefits does it offer? 

To provide you with more information on this presentation software, we have listed some of its advantages: Microsoft PowerPoint, which will help you know this software better.

1. Easily Create Sophisticated Presentations

If you are thinking of creating a presentation or want to learn to make a presentation, MS PowerPoint will help you create an attractive presentation. 

Its user-friendly interface, amazing templates, and easy-to-use options allow users to create sophisticated presentations in minutes. It is widely used by people in various organizations and fields like business, education, marketing, and much more. 

Many people are also using this presentation tool at home to create family presentations or make presentations for some school assignments.

2. Create Stunning Graphics & Animations

There are lots of graphics and animations that you can add to your presentation. You can easily insert different themes, clip art, and text boxes in your presentation. Once you insert these graphics and animations in your presentation, it will look more attractive. 

Whether you want to add animations or make some changes in your presentation with the help of different graphics and animations, you can easily do so with the help of this software.

3. Manage or Edit Large Presentation Files

Another advantage of this presentation software is that it allows you to create large files. It is user-friendly software and can easily accommodate presentations created by various users. You can also easily edit or edit large files with the help of this presentation software.

4. Attach Files and Other Media to the Presentation

You can easily attach files and other media to your presentation with the help of this presentation software. It allows you to add videos, images, and audio files to your presentation. You can also add slides to your presentation with its help.

5. Supports Various File Formats

This PowerPoint presentation software supports various file formats that allow you to create presentations in several formats like PDF, Visio, HTML, and RTF. This feature of this presentation software is one of its advantages over other presentation software.

6. Export Presentations into Various Formats

This is one of the great features of PowerPoint presentation, which allows you to export your presentation into different formats like HTML, PDF, and much more. You can easily export your presentation to any format according to your requirement.

7. Enhance Slides & Presentations with Built-in Tools

This software also provides you with some tools that help you to enhance your slides and presentations. You can easily change the color, theme, and font of your presentation with the help of its built-in tools. 

This software can also add music to your presentation for the ultimate experience. This presentation software also provides a screen magnifier that helps zoom in on the text in your presentation. You can also easily edit your presentation with the help of this software.

8. Save and Print Files on Storage or Cloud

It allows you to save your presentations on storage or cloud. With the help of this software, you can easily save your presentation and edit it whenever you want. You can print your presentation with the help of this software as well.

9. Collaborate and Share

You can easily collaborate and share your presentation with the help of this presentation tool. You can also compare your presentations with others and add comments before sharing your presentation, which makes this presentation software one of its advantages.

7 Uses of PowerPoint

  1. It Can be used virtually anywhere and anytime.
  2. Uses to create custom or build-in presentation software.
  3. Use to present data and information in slides, text, or images.
  4. Used to create a product, sales, marketing, and business presentations.
  5. Use for webinars and live online events.
  6. Can help you in creating a poster presentation.
  7. Help you in the creation of flyers and posters.

From Where I can Learn PowerPoint Presentation For Free?

This is the most important question among this. Different online sources provide PowerPoint presentation tutorials and courses. I will share all the websites from where you become a pro at PowerPoint presentations.

  1. YouTube
  2. Skill Share
  3. Udemy
  4. Linkedin
  5. Coursera

I know it is difficult and time paying for you to find a perfect course where you can learn everything about Presentation Software. So, I have done the hard work for you. Here is a list of free courses on Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation.

  1. PowerPoint In-depth Course By Tutorial Point
  2. Mastering Microsoft PowerPoint By Udemy
  3. PowerPoint Course By Microsoft

I hope all of these sources will help you understand the basics and advanced concepts of MS PowerPoint. Just let me know if these courses are good for you or not. I recommend you watch these courses at least once as professionals in the field create these courses.

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Mostly Asked Questions

PowerPoint helps you create, edit and display presentations. It works on PC, Mac, and many mobile devices and helps us create custom and amazing presentations within minutes.

Students can use PowerPoint to create presentations and animations for their school projects. It helps them in public speaking and training as well. They can share their presentation on social media, email, or even publish them on the internet.

Business people can use PowerPoint to develop presentations for their products and services. PowerPoint also helps in conducting training for employees. 

It also helps them interact with their customers using visual slides and animations. You can create plan sheets and other reports with PowerPoint as well.

Final Thoughts

This is the complete guide to MS Poa PowerPoint that we have created for you to know the software in depth. We have tried to include all the necessary information to understand it better. 

I hope this article has helped you know more about Microsoft PowerPoint. So, what have you learned new from this guide? Is there any missing information that we should elaborate on?

Do let us know in the comment section below if you have any other helpful information to share on MS PowerPoint. Share it if you think this post is helpful for someone.

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